PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy

PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy

The PRP therapy uses the body´s own growth factors which are in the platelets (TGF/IGF/EGF/PDGF). The injection soon acts pain-relieving and has an antiinflammatory and regenerative effect. The therapy helps damaged tissue to heal by building up resilient fiber tissue instead of less resilient connective tissue.


After taking the horse´s blood sample, the blood will be prepared in a mobile, antiseptically laboratory device. During this process, the thrombocytes will be concentrated. Then the prepared plasma will be injected precisely in the damaged tissue under ultrasound control. An ultrasound scan beforehand is essential.

Examples of application

• tearing or core leasons in tendons or ligaments
• cartilage damages, arthritis
• chronic joint inflammation

BM-ACP (Bone marrow-autologous conditioned plasma) therapy

During the BM-ACP therapy, the same growth factors mentioned before (PRP therapy) and additionally stem cells will be injected in the damaged tissue.
The autologous bone marrow concentrate will be extracted antiseptically from the horse´s bone marrow and prepared locally in a special mobile laboratory device.